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Internet Marketing – Starting Out

It’s amazing how little you need to know to start building your online business. When I first started building websites over seven years ago I did not know anything about FTP, SEO, meta tags, I had no idea of banner exchanges, I had no idea of merchant accounts, I had no idea of what a sitemap was, I had no idea what a blog was, never did know of even one form of HTML, despite how many websites I built over the years.

Today I know so much more than I did then give up half of my income on website design courses. I now know so much more than I did when I started building websites that once I figured out I didn’t know I would be unable to design a website that would produce any income. My self esteem crashed, I was so embarrassed at my own ignorance to the people and it made a huge effect on me. I began to take action, every action was to move towards my goal, in fact I had to learn, the sooner I began the faster I got going.

I worked for years selling off my Grace Lie estate, if I had an Internet business, I would have made millions of dollars from that estate. However, this is not what I actually wanted, I wanted to spend more time with my loved ones, and to be more financially secure.

I did finally, when I began to focus on the Internet’s endless possibilities, my income began to rise through the roof. I had great ideas that could be carried to success, I just needed to become educated on the basics. Think of how I would feel if my wife and mother foundation was stronger in six months than it was in two years. I would look at my business in a different way.

Selling things online is a no brainer. It could be anything, a car, home, furniture, or even furniture in a home to move into. You are more than welcome to sell anything from a car you make, and your house, furniture, and even the birds!

Start your own Internet business today, your education will only start to take effect as you learn more in depth about keywords, html, attraction marketing, marketing tips, & more. It’s amazing what people are willing to buy from the Internet, just look at your local Wal-mart for example, or Amazon, or your local K-Mart, and now think of what they are willing to sell for as much as they are making at their jobs now, is it really a fair price, or is it just a price? When the time is right, you can begin to learn how to…

* Take surveys & feed back surveys for cash, it’s easy, convenient and amazingly lucrative* Join a home business opportunity with an excellent compensation plan, free to join* Copy the best formula that the top producers use as a base to all their income generation in the niche market* Pick topics that people have a need about and give them what they want* Diversify your income into Internet Marketing in the form of online direct sales and similar home business opportunities to others Internet Marketing

The sky is the limit… Take action today and living the Internet Lifestyle.


Do You Need Any More Internet Advertising Tactics?

It’s not that long ago that I was chatting with a prospective consumer who had just done some market research and she was not comfortable spending any further money with me. Generally this type of consumer is someone who is very creative but does not really want to invest further cash into advertising. Please note that I said will not duplicate any marketing techniques that are currently being used online, not only that but they will not ‘use’ unsolicited emails to ask for other similar products to consider as well.

I’m not sure why this is the case, from what I have noticed it is more and more people who forget that they need contact information to sell a product to someone else, so what I suggest is that they take their time to grow a list of people who visit their web sites. I will outline a few recommendations that you can use to effectively grow your list.

First of all you need to design subscriber boxes that sit on the right hand column of your web site. This is where visitors are likely to drop off over time and it makes sense to make this the first opportunity to capture their contact information. Help them with their decision making process by providing them with a free offer in exchange for their contact information. For instance, maybe you have a web site that offers information about cooking and food. When you purchase advertising, make sure that whoever is looking at it has an interest in food and recipes so that you are not wasting your time. Internet Marketing

You should include a sign up box when you sell your products that offer your potential customers something in exchange for their contact information. This can be an awareness awareness program to increase your web site hits or it could be a free product that you create where people can sign up for. For instance, you might have a problem-solving e-book that people fill out on a web site and that earns you a commission or covers your costs. This is the practice I use to build my list over and over again.

I avoided building bigger lists since I now receive 4 times as many emails a day as the person on my 1st list, but what I do like to do is introduce the potential customer to my product on a free webinar or web site. There is a limit to the time you have to ‘sell’ someone, so you need to find a way to make this system cost effective and also remain valuable so people will use it continues to use it.

There are many articles on this subject that you can read that can really help you grow your list. The biggest surge in my online business was a newsletter I didn’t even collect onto a single web site until I started to receive 20% to 30% of mailings from my subscribers. In fact, over 40% of my earnings are derived from this mailing strategy. I highly recommend that you get a handful people on your list who you can market to regularly. You can even monetize your list by converting it into a profitable home study course. Internet Marketing


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Membership Site Creation Game

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